Waters Dropp Down

All sweat waters dropp down
Her face smile and disappear the frown
What a glow on shining face?
Adding joy to take part in race

Lovely to admire and nice to hear
Her words dropp like flower
Sun shine and darken the skin
Many hearts fail as she clearly wins

She has her own elegant style
So many times I dropp in to see her for a while
She has determination do to do worth while
At the same time fall for to walk an extra mile

She has tremendous sense of humor
She will not comment uncalled for
It her greatest asset not to come in lime might
She may go in for cause and fight

I have loved her work and appreciated desire
She can all go for well deserved free satire
I sometimes add fuel to fire and annoy her
She now knows the sentence and that doesn’t bother her

Yes, she is half way home
Not far, not near but continue to roam
I have full confidence in her desperate bid
She has all the qualities to form group and lead

Such females excel in life all the way
Nothing can divert their attention and push away
They have come into being and may remain
It is their right and exclusive domain

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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