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Waters Into Wine
(22.11.1944 / Nottingham, England/live in Australia)

Waters Into Wine

There is no love like the sea brings!
Of tides and storms, or your wanderings.
For you, too, swirl your eddies at the moon,
And flow and ebb at my every afternoon.

The mornings see you cold in discontent
Towing frostily at the night spent;
And gathering your gown around each rivulet
You scatter late stars in your bathroom pirouette.

But evenings - ah - and there the change begins,
When your warmer currents give my feelings wings,
And you lap at shores and forests ill-defined
'Til your breakers beat your waters into wine.

And when love casts long runnels at my feet
To swirl and charm, and make my life complete,
I glimpse beyond some hidden pool that lies
And fancy tides that move behind your eyes.

21 March 1985

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