Poem By Clifford Paris, Sr.

Imagine If I could put you in a word.
The sound of it, almost as beautiful as your name.
When your word was spoken, we could feel your presence,
your emotion.

A thousand times a day you could appear
And everyone could hear.

We would have the sense that you were close. The word even sounds warm and, as solid as I stand here, we would have instant company and we could have coffee.

A companion from a word in a sentence, spoken. You might become relentless. If your word was common, like “the” or “of” or two words together, like these, even more common, like “I’m Restless” or “it’s broken”.

Maybe lets put you in the wind. I could feel you pass by and breathe you in. Your passion would douse candles. Your love would be a warm breeze on a moonlit walk, and we would talk for miles and the wind, she wears sandals.

We could put you in a tone. You could be a sound represented by one wave, alone. If a break squealed, you would be on the wheel.
If a bird sung, you would be flying
Or maybe your tone is in an infant crying.

Windswept leaves rush like a sense that winter is near, or a gentle tap of one leaf and your here to tell us the colors are coming. A paint can dropped in home depot, my colors are running.

What If I combined them all and added water
You could rush down with the rain and help the garden.
Speak to the cucumbers and lettuce and pool upon the rose peddles to sun and reach the sky again as you evaporate and the birds whisper your name.

A Majestic snow capped mountain, a Gray cloud,
The reflection on the lake is your art.
A deer drinking and the ripples travel.
Nice work, its obviously from the heart.

You would be the hot spring in which I would swim
A mothers womb where life begins
If you were water your courage, and you have lots of courage, would be the Waterfall

If you were water,
You would rise with the tide In a Wave, in the Sea
You would master the water and you would carry us all, to safe ground,
(you’ll save us all)
You would be the one who could save.
You would be the one, who would save me,
You would be the WaterSound.

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