I Could Ask For

so im kinda different
i look stupid when i dance
so they say im a totaL paranormal,
whats wrong with that?

so what if i write about you all the time?
im really not the normal girl u see everday
in this crazy mixed up world
where everyone seems to be just the same.

so what if i enjoy getting wet when it rains?
so who cares if i slow dance when a rock song's on?
youve seen whats inside my house
where all my secrets stay
and yet u still love me more and more each day
in my life, everything is unusual, and u are in it.

so hold my hand and come with me
in a world full of fantasy
ill be ur weird princess and ul be my prince.
a world where we can stare at the sun when nyt tym comes.
come with me cuz ur always there,
u understand me,
when everyone seems to push me down,
ur there staring at my unexplainable mind
for you, i willing to be like anyone else
but you say im ok this way
and with you, theres nothing more i could ask for.

by Beverly Jane Tecson

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Comments (3)

Your poetry is visually outstanding and delicate to the senses. I have visited Maui and now know what to expect in heaven. God Bless
One of the best new poems I have read in a while
Wow this was in sublime metaphor and it makes for an awesome poem in imagery and description. U write so artistically. Kudos. Pls do review my latest poem too.