She Power

No one can strip us of our powers,
Nor crush our beliefs away,
Woman has huge hidden treasures,
Only a woman can portray.

Ignorant push us to hide in silence and isolation,
Under a roof in a dark lane, -
Crushed in this brutal world cruel strife, and seclusion;
Where sun never rises, only rotten brain.

We are not a vague or silly creation,
To throw our existence away,
We are here to gather the best for home line,
To brighten and decorate with ray.

As modest flora by a hamlet budding,
That tempt all to enjoy beauty and rain,
And showers aroma, for the world rotting,
An endowment again and again.

So cannot be pawed, shy and ignored,
Be an all powerful ally happy none the less,
Empowered to plug the vacuum, in and around;
With pleasure and bliss.

Can't surrender to the whims and fancies'
Those want to prick and play with us;
Ready to squeeze or die, fighting vanities;
Fight bravely but without fuss.

by Dr. Yogesh Sharma

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