(March 2nd,1984 / USA)


i’d like to bet—no wave curls the same;
the mist that ricochets upward
dissolves into sky
as the white crest races toward the sand.

the scent of it lives in your soul;
the taste of it touches your lips
—sky bathed in salt.
—salt bathed in sky.

if only to have
to ride the mist
.........................till the end of time.

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This is amazing, just the whole concept of it, i miss reading poems like this. Beautiful words, that are so much more than words.
this is a really good poem i love it
Beautiful lines... If only to have wings, to ride the mist... Keep it coming!
Why do I have that urge to go to the shore?
I see a radical Seagull who flies beyond the infinity against the wind.
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