Waves Of Customers Inside Those Stores

Some people care about the newest Models, fashions, and all other items More than even their any other precious moments Simply because they have a lot of money That they want to spend it anyway... Stores welcome all those pretty customers Who have their pockets or their purses Are filled with all kinds of money... Some stores have waves of those customers That they look like those of any sea's waves Coming and going as long as these stores are open... Those customers have those stores with big brands And very well-known names worldwide... Stores are always on high alert for those Customers with all their crews... Customers get their stuffs ready for them anytime And they're fully paid by their credit or debit cards... Tips are generously paid for all employees For their pretty service and for their pretty hospitality... Those great stores are still welcoming all those Waves of customers by day and by night with great pleasure... Life goes on and stores go on ready for all occasions Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... ______________________________________________________________________


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