(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Waxes And Wanes

Never realised how disastrous it would be
to wear a T shirt with Guess written large
on it, combined with my pirate jeans and
bandy-legged boots I was Che Guevarra
himself, not a good look

Realising it's full moon on 5 April it made
sense, while the moon waxes and wanes
my life changes and not in a good way -
Big Bro becomes belligerent; 8000 years
standing still as politicians dither

Playing charades calling it human rights &
respect without meaning it, felt better when
I changed my T shirt, being Che does not
feel good at all…

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Ahh, Che Guavera, still selling tee shirts fifty years on. Pity he was really a somewhat nasty piece of work because he did look cool. I agree with you about the look, though. I also relate to the Human rights issues you raise, mostly in the UK it's used as an excuse for laziness or to try and avoid responsibility. I often wonder how a lawyer can call himself a human rights lawyer when he's technically an outsider?