(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Frustration Is Not Only An Option In Our World, But It's A Must.

We're almost frustrated by what we see, By what we hear, by what we touch, by What we do, by what we eat, by what we Get, and by what we know and by what we don't Know anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, This is our world in which we live on one Side and that is our frustration on the Other side whether we like or we don't like, Frustration is a must in our world because It goes to bed with us and it walks with Us by day and by night all the year's cycle, We're frustrated with everyone and with Everyone simply because we're under pressure From all directions and all levels of life, The more we get frustrated in our life, the The more we get drowned in the pains and in The sufferings of our dark days and our gloomy Nights, so we're greatly and regretfully In the bottom of our sadness and our loss.

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