(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Waxing Grandiloquent [rev.]

Asked at last to give an account of the course
we attended, a privilege explained in grandiose
terms waxing grandiloquent how it seemed that
magical knowledge was imparted to us, i.e. one
had to read a text at least seven times before
moving on, using a different set of criteria each
time to catch and correct each mistake, study
the vocabulary and punctuation painstakingly

When handing this in I thought I had brought
honour to all the lecturers - until I read my final
text, already scanned and sent to HR spies to
check whether we had really been there - but
to my chagrin, irony & sense of the ridiculous
found I'd made the very mistakes my polemic
on editing warned against, wrote translating
from French "of" German, Instead of "or" -

Senseless - and checking my own "word" in-
stead of "work"; nothing came of the plan to
check lines seven times, didn't even check it
once, at least Thokozile & I had a good laugh
discovering it and the girls in the lift nearly a
had fit about the absurdity when I recounted
this event, thus we cashed in on stupidity to
bring fun and sunshine into our existence

Hoping HR spies will have time to share our
mirth once they spot discrepancies between
high ideals so bravely stated and cold reality…

[27 August 2014]

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