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~way Back When~

for my good friend who passed away at school last year he was 16 and he was the one that walked into a room and everyone smiled we will always miss him and i pray for his mom 2 sisters and brother

~way back when almost a year ago
there was a feeling i should have never let go

~way back when almost a year ago
there was a feeling i was forced to let go

~i woke up that march morning with an awful feeling inside
going to school not knowing what was going to happen

~sitting at lunch i looked out the doors
i saw across the street, paramedics lifting somebody off the ground

~now it was time to go back to class as i sit in horror
not knowin what has happened as i let the time pass

~slowly the end of the day came near
i hear the rumors and i wonder in fear

~can the rumors be true, has he gone
i run to my teacher, my best friend, asking whats going on

~all she did was hugged me and said i know you were close to him but he's really gone.

~that was the first time i've ever cried
when somebody close to me has ever died

~way back when almost a year ago
there was a horrible feeling i let go

~way back when almost a year ago
there was a feeling i will always regret letting go

~this feeling was so horrible it made me sick
the anger toward the people surrounding me

~the ones who laughed because he's dead~
~the ones that laughed because i cried~
~the ones that cried because they made fun of him~

~the way i can't see his smile ever again

~we went to church every wednesday night
and prayed to GOD that he could keep up the fight

~way back when almost a year ago
i went to church just hoping he would show

all i saw when i arrived was tears
of the ones who prayed for him all through his years

but GOD decided it was time for him to part
all because of his failed heart

In Loving Memory of our good friend
Jade R. Johnson
March 31,2008
Phillipians 4: 13
'I can do everything through him who gives me strength.'

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A very touching piece from the heart, many have felt this sorry for your loss of a dear friend.
that is a great poem very heart felt and it makes you wanna cry i am very sorry samething happen to my friend and me