Way Back

Way back in the days of pre history our ancestors lived on the trees
They too had their wars and disagreements and they too knew of want and disease
And things have not changed much since those days though humans have walked on the moon
And peace on Earth prayed for by many is something that will not happen soon.

The chimpanzees they too have their wars our cousins from the distant past
'Tis mostly of territory they fight and their grudges do not seem to last
But humans fight for territory and God we all believe our God is great
But God does not need us to wage war and peace never grows out of hate.

In this the age of the computer in technology humans have come far
In time maybe just a few decades from the first gas and petrol free car
But war between people still goes on from the north to the southern shore
And despite human advancement in science and technology some things stay the same as before.

Way back in the days of pre history before humans came down from the trees
They too were fights to the death over borders and there too was want and disease
And though many great human achievements through human history we recall
Some things they have changed for the better and some things have not changed at all.

by Francis Duggan

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