Way Beyond Me

Of war and war heroes we hear of and read of every day
Men who shot at and and were shot and at peace now do lay
But never for people who for peace led the way
As if it was not important what they had to say

For deceased people who lived their lives promoting peace there is never a parade
And from history they are omitted and allowed for to fade
Though they devoted their lives in promoting peace and harmony
And that they are not remembered seems puzzling to me

We do not condone violence yet war men we celebrate
Seems puzzling to me how between different forms of violence we can differentiate
As if some forms of violence is praiseworthy and justifiable and okay
Why we make great heroes out of warriors beyond me anyway

Every war more war heroes always does create
Yet those who lived their lives promoting peace we never celebrate
I often do wonder why this has to be
And an explanation for this does seem way beyond me.

by Francis Duggan

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