RA (August 7,1954 / New Castle, Pennsylvania)

Way Down Here

i'm typing this poem with cold fingers.
the past gas & electric bills are monsters
eating our food, quick as that,
lower the thermostat, don't turn on
the space-heaters. i'm wearing 4 layers
of clothes. we're a little above
the line for energy assistence.
i'm both shocked & pissed national
fuel is getting another rate-hike
after a 41% price increase last month.
it's a little insane, citizens,
& we've all been programmed
to deal with a little insanity thru
media coverage & consumerism.
but wait, i'm typing this poem
with old, middle-aged, cold fingers
that spent the past 30 years
in cut-throat factories -
i stand before you, without a job.
i stand before you as a poet.
i stand before you as a father,
grandfather, son, uncle, cousin,
friend, husband, owner
of a big black dog & two cats.
the cost it requires to show
one scene in a film
is more money than we
have. i don't believe
you realize
how lopsided we

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I hear ya Ron! I'm sitting here with my heater turned way down low to save on the gas! I kick my little electric heater on now and then to take the chill off. We're all in it together! :) Well, said. You're right, this is a problem! Sincerely, Mary