Way Up In The Cold Of The Yukon

Way up in the cold of the Yukon of freezing point fifty below
Where Robert Service penned his great poems going back many decades ago
The timber wolves howl in the darkness their loud wailings pierce the calm of night
One can visualize the snow clad landscape that looks ghostly in the moonlight.

Way up in the cold of the Yukon I've never been as far north as there
Maybe not quite as cold as Antartica but icy cold the far northern air
Especially in the cold depths of the Winter where Earth's hardiest people reside
The Eskimos tough little hunters stories of them are known far and wide

Way up in the cold of the Yukon the home of the white polar bear
With walrus and seal and musk oxen their rugged environment they share
And wolf, wolverine and lemming and artic fox and snow shoe hare
And brown bear, moose, caribou and snowy owl amongst others a wild Land where wildlife is not rare.

Way up in the cold of the Yukon 'tis cold there at this time of the year
Sometimes in my daft flights of fancy the cry of the gray wolves I hear
And though I've never travelled that far north and from where I live 'tis so far away
If financial luck should shine on me I will visit the Artic one day.

by Francis Duggan

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