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Waylaid After School
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Waylaid After School

This new election feels like rape,
By scum and playground toughs,
With many I once thought were friends
Now cowards, powder puffs.

Has Christian virtue lost its shine?
Republicans in charge?
No brother's keepers in their ranks?
Racists and liars at large?

Well half the nation still has legs,
I have not lost all hope,
Though anti-science may have won
Their leadership's on dope.

Trump judges others for his crimes,
Christ crucified again,
When innocent are pilloried,
The guilty think they win.

A victory by grade school kids,
Impoverished of soul,
That waylay others after school,
Let God's truth still console.

Your bones will mend, your bruise will heal,
Though Trump's flag is unfurled,
This infamy will also pass,
It's God who made the world!

Long Tooth
November 15,2016

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Comments (5)

Very good poem dear poet.... thanks a lot.
into July 2017's showcase this goes. your name and the link to this poem page will be supplied to readers.............who care, if any! bri :) thanks.
Writing for the edification of The Lord Almighty is a hallmark of ingenuity - The fear of God being the beginning of wisdom. Thanks for sharing.
oops! it says Long Tooth here! forget the Roof reference, though i had sufficient reason to say it! bri :) Long Tooth it shall be in the showcase.
hey Roof, i don't understand: Trump judges others for his crimes, Christ crucified by men, ok Roof, you managed to sneak God in here twice (Christ counts as one) , but if God created the world and everything else included Trump/Republicans [though you did NOT say THAT], then God must condoned such racist and liars. right? i know you won't say Right, Bri. ha ha anyway, whether your truths are all truths or not, the poem is flowing (NO, i did not say sewage!) , and rhyming is almost as good as Bri's! congratulations. to MyPoemList. and to Section B of November's showcase. ta ta bri :) ok, i'll even give it a rating: 9 1/2..........call it 9. there's always room for improvement that way.