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I Walked The Dogs

I walked the dogs on a cool late evening in June
I guess they'd rather stay inside the room
Where beds were a more comfortable repose
And they didn't have to use their 'touchy' nose

And as they walked behind me, it got dark
And wandering on, I heard a wheezy bark
Telling me they'd really rather be
Curled up with their mum on the settee

So as we trundled back to whence we came
I felt that our short trip had turned to shame
Why did I wake them up to take them out?
When they were just happy to laze about

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Very good poem dear poet.... thanks a lot.
into July 2017's showcase this goes. your name and the link to this poem page will be supplied to readers.............who care, if any! bri :) thanks.
Writing for the edification of The Lord Almighty is a hallmark of ingenuity - The fear of God being the beginning of wisdom. Thanks for sharing.
oops! it says Long Tooth here! forget the Roof reference, though i had sufficient reason to say it! bri :) Long Tooth it shall be in the showcase.
hey Roof, i don't understand: Trump judges others for his crimes, Christ crucified by men, ok Roof, you managed to sneak God in here twice (Christ counts as one) , but if God created the world and everything else included Trump/Republicans [though you did NOT say THAT], then God must condoned such racist and liars. right? i know you won't say Right, Bri. ha ha anyway, whether your truths are all truths or not, the poem is flowing (NO, i did not say sewage!) , and rhyming is almost as good as Bri's! congratulations. to MyPoemList. and to Section B of November's showcase. ta ta bri :) ok, i'll even give it a rating: 9 1/ it 9. there's always room for improvement that way.