Ways Of Checking Out Without The Pain Of Saying Goodbye

I am doing research on the most effective and least
Painful ways for me to forever leave this life
So far the only two methods I have found both involve
A Monkey, a Boa snake and a Handmaiden.....
Choosing your poison isn't as easy as it sounds....


by Ted Sheridan

Comments (3)

Nope, no permission to check out yet........haven't been here long enough to learn all that is in that head of yours......forget the snake too.....creepy reptile....Checking out, running doesn't really work for 'we' are still with ourselves, can't escape ourselves....'tis true...........marci.xo
I can't imagine coming to Poemhunter and not finding you here! This place just wouldn't be the same, Ted(dy Bear) ! I love your work. I love your mind. Your words speak to me...just like Bukowski's!
I already suggested to you that with your initiative of mind you could find subsitutes for the first two and likewise the third should, er, come easily... Sweetheart, I really don't know what to say except big cyberhugs and bigger admiration. t xxx