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Ways Of Life
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Ways Of Life

Poem By Talia Goldson

Dedicated to Ziv Biton
inspired by Ziv Biton and Mr. Coop

Sight, seeing, looking, gleaming
its all that a person can be
Listening, hearing, buzzing, silence
thats all a person may be
Talking, speaking, laughing, cheering
something many may do each day
Writing, noting, drawing, jotting
thats what people feel make their day

Being lucky to do all of this is an opportunity
Don't slack but push ahead
Do good for others and help each one.
Be a little selfish and care for yourself
You may care for others but don't forget
your Pride
Look up and Around but don't loose
Yourself Inside

(made during English Class 2nd period september 27 2005)

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