Ways To Somewhere.

Poem By Narayanan Kutty Pozhath

All ways lead to somewhere.
Any way is good for
someone who does not
know where to go.

Better to know
where to go before
you start the journey.
It may happen
you are on wrong route.
May need to come
all way back and go
in the right direction.

All ways lead to somewhere.
Any way is not good for
someone who knows
where to go.

Comments about Ways To Somewhere.

Truth. We are supposed to be thinking creatures- -but sometimes we don't act like it [ ummm- make that a lot of time we don't act like it.] Sometimes we learn from our mistakes- just like mice in a maze will eventually learn the pathway to take to the cheese. [actually the peanut butter]. Well done!
Dear Narayanan, such a fine bio poem....10++++

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