Divorcing Deceit

Marriage has brought this pain,
Marriage to betrayal, of all commitments,
The only solution is divorce:
Conclude this chapter,
Finalize the finale of finalization.
To cut all my ties to everyone,
Everything I believed in.
I've realized in every friend,
Resides a caring foe,
But I've seen no clear distinction.
The crowded martial bed,
Soon will return to it's genesis,
Where internalization is favored,
Expression is repressed,
And people repelled at all cost.
Distance is essential,
When physical distance prevails,
I can resign to myself,
Withdraw into my own solitude,
To never damage the world,
Pose no threat to human sanity.
Blame only myself for my pain.
Become stone in my own shadow,
A mere portion of my married self,
A representative slither of me,
Who I once was,
The extrovert shall become death,
The introvert, the inhabitant.
I'll divorce the deceit of friendships.

by Armistead Lindsey

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Comments (3)

Simply superb imagination can conceive such a meaningful poem. Thanks for sharing it here.
Pluck not the wayside flower, It is the traveller's dower; ..... / Great poem with a profound message that the bounties given to us by nature should be enjoyed and are not to be spoiled. Lovely poem.
Wonderful work, the simple joy of seeing a wilflower!