Poem Hunter
(1989 / Tehran-Iran)


What if I said my life is ruined
what if I said I am done
I was always afraid but its already gone

we are all separated there's nothing left to do
I am dead inside and they are too

we lived our own houses, we lived all alone
we killed all other mouses, and always low in tone

My house was quiet my house was lone
I was always looking and feeding the bone

No one ever spoke
No one ever woke
all they did all day was smoke smoke smoke!

Silence was our rule and it still is
we are no fools
inside, its nothing like this!

up in the morning
down at nights
little by little.. then big fights
yes or no, maybe.. theres always a might
Im just sick of this, I want to throw my kite

Where can I find
where is our light
this thing has got us just too tight

every hole we have is filled with dark
we need a teacher to teach how to hark
I need some faith but cant find a mark

''Once upon a time
there was quite a love
once we hit the time
we forgot the love above''

It looks like the end
though the end was long ago
There's nothing else to bend
Its finished from head to toe!

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