i am there
i am there every single morning
i am there, as i want to be there
when you need me,
when you are in pain and feel blue
when no body is around to say
i am there for you
i am always there some how
when you miss me, when you think,
what you do, nt want to think
and you know
i am there, because
i want to be there for you
because you still want to be there
for me, some how
and i think and,
and realy think
when i get lonly, and scared,
i cry and cry and then,
think why you want me to be there
then, i cry your name out
and say, i will be there
as i love you, more then you
you have loved me
once, and
i love you the same way
i started loveing you once...
so i am here...
just because...some how
you want to be there...
just, atleast i can feel...
you are still there....

by abid khan

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