We Act As If We Are Important

We act as if we are important though in time's image we are quite small
Just a branch of the Goddess of Nature and she is the greatest of all
The reaper treats all of us as equals and whether our bones rot or burn
We came from the Goddess of Nature and to her we all must return.

I feel the years creeping up on me and little to show for my time
And I'm seen as an ageing poetaster a man with a poor grasp of rhyme
A man without much of a future and little to show for the past
Though I too had my youth and ambition but nothing i suppose does last.

The loud buzzing of cars on the highway it gives me an ache in the ears
And this war waged on Nature by mankind it fills me with phobias and fears
We insult the Goddess who feeds us her patience we constantly try
I feel one day that we will make her angry and all of mankind she will crush and destroy.

I long for the quiet and green places where humans have not left their mark
Above the scrubland that borders the river I can hear the carolling lark
His song so distinctive and natural just a fading speck in the sky
I only see him as an equal is he less a mortal than i?

We act as if we are important but thought again has proved us wrong
We are just a small branch of Nature and to Nature alone we belong
And the reaper who treats all of us as equals will return us to Nature one day
And it will not matter to us if there is or there is not a headstone for to mark the spot where we lay.

by Francis Duggan

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