We Age By The Second

We age by the second as time ticks away
Onwards through the Seasons to our last night and day
You may have face lifts and use hair dyes for to cover your gray
But all you are doing is camouflaging time's natural decay
How quickly it does pass the human life prime
Eventually we all fall as victims of time
The Reaper's scythe is for the anonymous and the great
The supreme egalatarian between people does not differentiate
In our lifetimes the changes keep happening and few things as they were last
And though we live in the now our memories are of the past
No point in regretting our mistakes of the forever gone
Just live for the now for time keeps ticking on
Time did not wait for me and it will not wait for you
Just live and let live that is all one can do.

by Francis Duggan

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