We All Are Born With Egos

That we all are born with egos does that seem right to say
And many of us full of self importance or so 'twould seem that way
Yet the monarch like the pauper to the reaper's scythe must fall
And the breath of life is terminal for you and i and all.

Yes you and i and everyone in time only live for a short time
And like they say about the great poets they are outlived by their rhyme
If we could live forever of life we would grow tired
By the great lust for living the youth only inspired.

Since others will give you credit if credit you are due
Self praise is never real praise does that seem false or true?
And though self love is quite a good thing when taken to the extreme
It can lead to egotistical narcissism and that is not good 'twould seem.

'Tis a fact we all are born with egos and facts they never lie
And that applies to everyone and to you as well as i
But we all share one thing in common on us there is a use by date
And for the homeless and the tycoons death it is one certain fate.

by Francis Duggan

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