We All Are Individuals

Though many may beg to differ and experts disagree
We all are individuals that's how 'twould seem to me
Some to you may be like minded but not in every way
We all are very different despite what some do say.

We all are individuals with a mind of our own
Yet of a new life after death by our kind is unknown
And though many believe in Heaven and the punishment of Hell
No deceased person of their existence has come to life for to tell.

We are all individuals though some are born to lead
And only of the wealthy and the famous most like to hear of and read
And only the compassionate wish to know those who are down
The fringe dwellers and the homeless of the poor side of the town.

We are all individuals that goes for you and I
Though one thing in common we do share as mortals we were born to die
On our lives Nature's Reaper does have the final say
And for each and everyone of us there's a last night and day.

by Francis Duggan

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