We All Are Very Different

Those i do not rate highly some others see as great
And a good friend to one person to another not a mate
We all are very different in we see others differently
And you in your ways are different so different to me.

You have heard of the old saying different as chalk from cheese
We all are very different in our thoughts and our ideas
Yet we all have one thing in common we share a certain fate
Our span of time is limited and time on none does wait.

And though only the minority of years live to four score
Life is about survival just that and nothing more
So much truth in the saying live to fight another day
And as Longfellow the poet once said 'It is not always May'

We all are so very different as a tulip is from a rose
And the one you like i do not like that's life i do suppose
And people who think like me i don't often get to meet
And i even am a stranger to many in our street.

by Francis Duggan

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