We All Do Need Recognition

We all need recognition 'tis nice when people of you say
You've done a fine job on this one kind words to make your day
Words of praise better than words of scorn who would need ridicule
And words can be uplifting and words can be so cruel.

Yet in truth no such thing as a bad person 'tis just someone gone wrong
To the one human family the good and not so good belong
We are all brothers and sisters though strangers when we meet
The pauper and the billionaire to live need to drink and eat.

Big Brother is a cruel one his judgements are not fair
He looks down on the working poor and people on welfare
He upholds class distinction he is always watching you
And to what's known as the higher self he never will be true.

We all need recognition even a smile and hello
Is always very welcome even from someone we don't know
With our words and body language we can act in a cruel way
So smile and say good morning and make somebody's day.

by Francis Duggan

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