We All Got Problems

To each his own is baggage internal
Conceited that 'hope springs eternal'
I wonder how one'd destine infernal
A soul for having erred under bane
That's existence! Upon it angst lade
Progress of minds and lifes' game
For so long to forget dogma's tirade
The grind, in hope of solution's lame
And thus some fervently claim
Even the insentient assort of golems
Even the sentient gnomes.....

by Mavinda Cyril

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An insightful piece of poetry elegantly brought forth in heightened poetic diction, and embellished in poetic rhyme and rhythm. Beautiful indeed. Thanks for sharing Mavinda.
A nice poetic imagination, Mavinda. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
Clay figure brought to life by magic amazes mind and mesmerizes life that wonders many. Life is a journey and we face problems during this but we solve and proceed ahead. An amazing drafting is shared.10