We Are As Angels With Dirty Faces

Though waters calms surround my form
I know I can’t escape the storm
Brewing in the stir of a butterfly’s wing.
There’s turbulence in the air.
As Sylphs dance swift chaotic rhythms

We are as angels with dirty faces
Here we lay placid in displacement
Shaken from evolution through the
Revelation of revolution.
Here we are disgraced. Caught Red handed.
The blood of the world, the blood of the wasp
Has returned to haunt our shades
Never fading but growing stronger day by day,
Swaying melancholy breezes our way.
Stirring the cauldron of her mix,
Stirring still to get her fix, someone should give
Blood a tab to lick to pacify the storm.

Take me I beg of you, Show meTruth beyond the acorn
Show me reality beyond the spreading of the seed.
Take from me all I'm wanting, leave me with what I need.

A Rose arose to the Sun Gods lips,
Kissing her hair as he was caressing her hips.
She slipped in ecstasy, waving goodnight,
Sweet dreams to reality.

We are as angels with bludgeoned wings,
Lost without a song to sing to pay for the
Bus fare home.

by David Lacey

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