We Are As Vessels For Divinity

We are as vessels for divinity
Encased in the skins of mortality
And through our eyes gods may see
True the skies and forever be
One with all, the soul, the world
In knowing that sublime of words.
The word, the word that future sees
That whispers on a mountain breeze.
The Word unheard forever there
Is the breeze within your lover’s hair
The murmur of the autumn night
The bliss of kissing true the light.

Catching sunlight in her hair
She was the feminine divine
She was the maiden sublime
But was she ever there?

Within dust soil vessels of mortality
The seeds of divinity are sown
Upon the fertile fields of destiny we grow
And we are grown
Ready now to take the world within our grasp
Ready now to clasp tightly to all that
By rights is ours to hold.
Ready to grow old with grace
Keeping faith in the virtues by which we live.
Ready to give.

by David Lacey

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