We Are For Each Other

I loved her
and she was waiting for me
Sometimes I was so crazy to see her
and felt that the road was longer than the time
Really I was crazy to meet her
cause she was alone on the shore
and I missed her
a lot
Finally I reached at shore
She smiled
and hugged me
me too
and I felt she loved me
maybe she felt so

Sometimes I felt love is for mine
I felt to know
maybe she felt so

We were passing the very summer days on the shore
and never felt bore
certainly we came to each other
we found love in the horizon,
in the waves of the ocean
and kissed to each other while to see the sunset
maybe all this was a love

But now the summer comes again
and moving on and on
certainly she is not with me
but I missed her
waiting at the same shore
certainly I could not kiss her
maybe still she loves me
or maybe not
cause she is no longer mine
maybe me too
but certainly I felt her
when the little waves touch my feet
and certainly after the sunset
I wait for whom......
maybe she wait for anywhere for another reason
maybe me too

but Still I think...

Love is for mine
Love is for yours
We are for each other

@Musfiq us shaleheen

by Musfiq us shaleheen

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