We Are Friends.

We are Friends.
Together as wild teenagers
Fun and speed regular events
Mixed, like minded people
Individuals, unique identities
Outrageous antics and fast cars
Sun, surf and sex
Conscription and service
Girlfriends competing for time
These were the days
Then wives arrive
Children and family demanding
Testing established loyalties
Refined occasions, less frivolity
Work choices and career decisions
How important now the treadmill
Be seen and be successful
Reunions, school reminders
Lifestyle decisions, relocations
50 years dissipates like mist
Mature years encroaching
Then a chance meeting
A local charity event
And there face to face again
Instant recognition, warm smiles
Struggling for the name
Embarrassment then laughter
Look who I found
Back with the crew
Like old times, ....except
Bellies have grown
Hair has thinned
Minds have matured
Laughter is now deeper
Movements are slower
Vehicles are bigger
Some fractured families
Wives have changed
We embrace on meeting
Time has tested us
We are Friends.

by Michael A Berriman

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