We Are His Holy Ink

In a beautiful glamorous state,
If one God made it perfect,
Flawless in the right time set,
And wrote all up to the end,
If all is done, all predetermined,
Why then shall I be sinful?
Cursed out & condemned,
By the most powerful,
If it is himself who decreed all!

I used to ask…
Swimming in the seeking pool,
Before I got out,
As the last man who looked up and about,
To see an ark floating beneath a vast portrait,
Behold, I heard a herald of fate,
Grasping the answer in a divine blink,
‘He is still writing & we are his holy ink.'

by Elias Gebru

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What a sweet, powerful and uplifting verse.Thank you for sharing!
Why then shall i be sinful? Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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