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We Are Like Fuel And A Pack Of Matches

how can you be like this
you are suppose to care for me
I held all this in so that I would not hurt you
or cause you stress
I let all this eat away at my
it ate my heart and soul
and yet you never noticed
now that you have been forced to look in my direction
you still choose not to see all my problems
makes me wonder if you do really see them and not care
or do you just not want to see that you could have prevented most of this pain
prolly a little bit of both
your anger keeps raising with me
for you just can’t seem to understand why I can’t just be some happy kid
I am not happy for I am in pain
actually I am starting to move on from most of the pain
I have moved on until to anger
and your anger fuels mine
bad combo
for now when you are near my anger level double
and yours starts to raise as well
us together
is like fuel and a pack ofmatches
not a smart choice

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