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We Are Not So Dumb After All

We are made to believe we're inferior and looked on as not good enough
All because we are lacking in money this paper cash is remarkable stuff
It can make the scoundrel seem a good person though he has been known to cheat and to lie
Some say money speaks every language and there is not much that it cannot buy.

And yet thousands seem to grow poorer for each confirmed new millionaire
In this World of so called winners and losers for the down trodden too few seem to care
The World due to wars getting smaller it all seems so senseless to me
We make war to free the poor people but we won't help the war refugee.

The world is ruled by the few super wealthy who make their money out of war and oil
They cause the poor millions to suffer yet about that they can easily smile
They strip the assets of other Countries and tell us of how marvellous they are
I'll drink a toast to the one who say I want to make love and not war.

Some grow rich out of making others grow poorer those many look up to as great
And then they ask why do they despise us though they have sown their seeds of hate
They must believe we are quite stupid that for their propaganda we fall
But we can see through their deception and we are not so dumb after all.

by Francis Duggan

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