SE (July 19,1991 / Calgary AB)

We Are Staying Toghter

I am so alone,
I can't use my phone,
I am so upset,
but I'll never regret,
I miss you so much,
that it hurts to the touch,
we will still see eacther,
nothings going to stop us from being together,
cause I love you,
and you love me,
why can't you people just let us be,
I am in love,
hes all I keep thinking of,
you may say I'm not,
but do you really know alot,
yeah you may be oldering then me,
but why can't you see,
you can fall in love at any age,
just let us be or I'll start to rage,
for once I am happy,
not feeling crappie,
please don't take my happniess away,
or I will feel crappie again everyday,
I'm telling you what I feel,
please know that me and him are real,
we both love eachother,
and we both are staying toghter.

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