BM (26-03-45 / Salford, England)

We Are The Champions!

We’re as ready as we’re going to be
The lads are fit and keen
Oh George’s lumbago plays him up
But, that goes for half the team

No, all in all we’re set to go
I think we’re at our best
Now Ron and me can only watch
The lads must do the rest

We’ve tried to keep them focused
To concentrate their minds
With only one small crisis
‘Harry’ left his teeth behind

So now it’s just the boys out there
Bowling on that green
Will the team end up as Champions
Or one of “might have beens”

Dave’s the one who worries me
He’s a bit young, and I’m not sure
That he has the “big game temperament”
The lads only sixty four

Arthur, Jim and Smokin’ jack
Harry George and Fred
Oh Percy would have been there too
But he can’t be, ‘cos he’s dead.

The Burnage Veterans Bowling Team
It’s written in their eyes
To win the Mauldeth Crown green Cup
Before another bugger dies.

No thoughts of frozen shoulders
Arthritic hands, or gout
No limps, no stoops, no hearing aids
The signs of age they flout

The Final ends, they’ve won it!
The championship is theirs
Send young Dave up to fetch the Cup
He has no problem with stairs.

So think on this young people
Next time you pass us by
We’re not just out there playing bowls
‘til it’s our turn to die!

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I'm laughing with tears in my eyes, Bill, this is so gorgeous, it's a great write indeed. My sense of humour exactly. Very, very good one. Thanks for posting it. another for my favourites list. Love Ernestine XXX