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We Are The Common People

We don't know what it feels like to be seen as important and we've never known a glorious hour
And we are known as the common people the people without power
Others make for us decisions of which we do not agree
Those who have the cheek to tell us that we know of liberty.

We are the common people and I am a common fool
And I live in a society where majority rule
The leader who says he represents us all he does not represent me
And yet we are supposed to live in a democracy.

I did not ask our so called leader to send the troops to a Land from here in distance far
To cause suffering, death and destruction in an unjust and unfair war
But the voice of the majority he did choose to ignore
He followed the example of one with far more power who lives on a distant shore.

We are the common people and after Election Day
On how the Country should be legislated for we never get a say
Majority rule is a form of dictatorship and not democracy
Never believe those who tell you that as a people we are free

Of fear of harassment and suffering if you believe their lie
When more and more people every day in homicides do die
And to live free of fear of dying in such a way should be a basic human right
And they tell us we have freedom we who fear the streets of night.

by Francis Duggan

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