DMP ( / San Francisco, California)

We Are The Giants

We walked into
The abdomen of a big bird,
He carried us
Soaring aloft the earth

We are now,
In the endless sky,
Surrounding with
Various clouds and sunshine.

There are miles and miles
Of white cotton spreads,
Floating in the mid-air,
To cover the world's unknown beds.

The crystalline cliffs hang
Above the snowy carpet,
Hastily, the swift cirri
Like hundreds of horses gallop across it.

The sun shines
On the universe eternally,
Its radiance sparkles
In the space powerfully.

Our big bird pierces
Through the celestial bodies,
He is a libertarian,
Fleeing from the earth's gravity.

We seem to fly among the stars and the moon,
There is no other superman coming soon,
We are the giants in the universe at this moment,
And proud of being a superior human.

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