Rhyme In Four

I am moving beyond the grace of solitude
Where souls wandering, do not dwell
In the smoke of a burning cigarette
The taste of nicotine in my blood

You will never reach my altitude
My deep inner me to you i do not sell
No longer vision to you i set
No longer in my veins you flood

Not walking through an interlude
There's no trace of parallel
No label or vignette
I am standing high above the mud-


by Ghislaine Vandeoorde

Comments (1)

Very true Lorna and I agree! ! ! Everyone should be considered equal regardless what color they are, what religion they practice, what choices they make...We all have free will but we are all the same if that makes sense, we all breathe, we all bleed, and we all feel the same emotions...Color has nothing to do with who we are, what's important is who we are as people and I think that message comes out loud and clear in this...you're awesome girl! ! ! You're so intuitive, and honest, i admire you as a person a lot, you amaze me as a writer and as a person...you've got such soul, compassion and spirit, and you know who you are...Keep it up Lorna, I love reading your work, i'll keep reading as long as you keep writing!