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We Are Warriors Of Our Own Life

Depressions are the games of minds…
A journey through the eyes of the believer
Soul breaking is sometimes so awful
Brave on… and face the odds upfront
The smile that melts the heart

Some conversation can be pleasant
Will last for long in our minds
We are here to fill…
The emptiness of the life's stage
Carry on with normal life
We have to take what we hated most
The bitterness and the pains

Love is complex and complicated....
But once you have had it
It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride.....
All the way
A tear is a sign of purity
Love is a many splendid things…
A plain life is a real life
Sweet surrender of words that heal....
The world is the stage and we are the actors
A book is my world…
A friend in needs is a friend…..
We greet to a good deeds
A true friend will give you money
When u don't have none
It’s like……….
Father to child bonding
Holy and sacred

Fate is something written
Upon our faces but we can not see
Sins of depleted innocence
Suicidal inflicted by courage to die.....
We’re warriors of our own life

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Comments (5)

what a deep poem with so wise thoughts..wonderfully and touchingly penned
depressions are games of mind, , maybe....but life is beautiful if we know how to live..i really like the thought in ths poem hon..
this is great, everything is not so just when there is great love, like Sacred, this is so unfeigned writing's.
We are warriors of our own life. It's true, indeed! You expressed you feelings in a beautiful and soothing way... But as warriors I think we can choose and change the fate, being a warrior of light and love. Loved to read your poem.
we are compelled to take life as it comes to us…fate, destiny, will, dreams and hope fight a royal battle, we mere as actors follow the tips of the great director…..very well said….with genuine sentiments….