JD (1993 ~ Born under fireworks... literally. / )

We Can Change The World

We made war, we created hate
Everyone was hit sometime we

Could have done otherwise
All we needed to do was share our love, our thoughts
Never would one have thought that we would end up this way

Can't we try to make it right?
Haven't we damaged it enough? Haven't we damaged ourselves?
All we hear about in the
Guns, weapons, war
Everyone has heard about the wars, the hate.

The things we have done are one thing. What we
Haven't done is another matter.
Endless cries of war, of hate.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could give some
Of their love to
Repair the world?
Let's try.
Don't walk away.

We can do it
Everyone can lend a hand

Only if we stand together
Nobody should be left out
Let everyone join in, children, adults, happy, sad, tall and short.
Y shouldn't we try?

Haven't you ever dreamed of
A better world? It's
Very hard to change it. But that's cause not
Everyone has tried.

To think about it isn't much, it's
Only a fraction of the real thing.

Try to help
Reading this poem was the start to it. Stop wondering

Do something. We can change the world. We only have to try.


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i hope we really can..
A fantastic write, a clear message....Spread the love, it takes Love not war to make peace.....As we know already..Love is the biggest super-power of them all. excellent flowing write, with beautiful intentions........*10* Peace Jon