MN (11-08-1970 / )

We Care

What is it that you tell them?
What can you even say
to those that have been terrorized
as their lives were washed away?

I wish that I could reach them.
To let them know I care.
Of money I have little
but, what I have I'd share.

I'd gladly give compassion.
That's what they need the most.
I'd let them stay with me tonight.
I'd be a gracious host.

I doubt they'll ever know me
or just how much I care.
My heart so aches for those in pain.
The suffering's everywhere.

How do you help these people
that lose all that they own?
Just try to let them know you care
and that they're not alone.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (6)

Mary, I think you've captured the empathetic heart of many with this... well done! Brian
Hey omg thats a greaaaaat poem! ! my errm friend is in lousianna and was in hurricane katrina it made me cry this is a great poem! !
Mary Spoken with true feeling - There must be a way, or is this just another area of response which has been totally overwhelmed by the enormity of the event? Egal Bohen..
Well said. Just be careful if you want to give to charities. Less than 10 % of your money reaches the victims. H
good message...hopefully this one hits the eyes that really need to see it.
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