WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

We Complimented Each Other Very Well

You believed in me as I believed in you
We complimented each other so well
When my back was against the wall
You brace me from my fall

In my darkest hour
You were my strength, my power
You gave me the courage to keep on pushing through
Despite some things, I've done
You said that I'm the one
That makes your life whole and complete

We complimented each other very well
We complimented each other and the whole wide world could tell
We complimented each other that I'm sure
We complimented each other and you were the one that I adore

Most people said we belong together
We complimented each other so well
Inseparable and you couldn't pull us apart
You have a special place in my heart

With you, I was never alone
You just call I would be right home
You'd be right there to help me make it through
When we are old and gray
From your side, I'd never stray
You have made my life whole and complete

For my love for you will never end
For you were my best friend
No gift as precious I could ever find
For you were so warm, tender, and kind

Your light no more shall I see
But in my heart, you'll always be
The storm is over piece may you lay
For tomorrow for you a brighter day

Go forth my beloved into the light
For now, everything will be all right
Dream a better dream for you are in a better place
Come now the dawn I must face

Your memory will linger with me forever
For your sweetness, I could forget never
You were there when I needed you most
Now I lift my glass to you to toast
I will miss you each and every hour
For you were my strength and my power

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