We Did Not Love At All (Ballade)

What happened to the dreams we had?
The dreams where I would be your beau?
Tell me, just where did we go bad?
Tell me, please, I would love to know.
When did we reach the last plateau?
And where was the point of the fall?
From starting was love destined so?
Perhaps we did not love at all!

Where are the days when we were glad?
The days when lovers reap and sow.
I was to be your children’s dad.
Where did the beautiful days go?
The days when zealous passions flow.
In love’s delight, we once stood tall,
Why such an easy overthrow?
Perhaps we did not love at all..

My love; I miss - miss, being glad.
You are my color, I’m Van Gogh,
These pains of love, the gods forbad;
The gods of love wish love to grow,
For prince, for king, the common Joe.
Why the blockade, the bloody wall?
Once your best friend, now strongest foe?
Perhaps we did not love at all...

The books have all been wrought by Poe.
Black curtains hang upon the wall.
They’re hung so we’ll forever know...
Perhaps we did not love at all!

Copyright 2010 © Leslie Alexis
Copyright © 2010 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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