We Disappeared

A passionate hug,
I hear your heart,
Your heart beat,
chirp of your soul.

Lovebird sings.
I hear mine too.
By soft music,
song of souls.

Lovebirds sing.
Together we hear,
Symphony of millions,
music of souls.

Echo of spirits,
Deep in and out,
vibrate in rhythm,
love boundless.

In ocean of love,
One with cosmos,
We merge in every atom,
one soul; one song.

I embrace,
merging in one ness.
I breathe in
Breathe out.

Turning into dream,
I fly high, as I float,
wings cover,
entire universe.
We disappear
In subtle softness.
When you call
I reverberate,
form silence
world around
reply my wish!

by Satheesan Rangorath

Comments (1)

good poem...written in neat lingua and style...immersing blissfully in the oneness of Love Incarnate...enjoyed your this write, Satheesan 10