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We Do Not Feel Her.
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We Do Not Feel Her.

And as she turns we do not feel her:
Four seasons pass in several shades;
life, the given spark to ignite the flame.
Time past is spent. Only to be
waved away without a care?
Then failing... falling on bruised knees:
For troubled souls seek a simple prayer
faced with the complexities of faith.

Oh... who is he without a name?
Why so many players at the game?
Where for art thou footsteps leading?
Hearts who suffer much are bleeding.
Youth lacks compassion; it's the fashion;
all is given and then taken.
Mankind's instinct to survive...
his consciousness brief as he travels through time
and space, spinning into eternity:
As she turns we do not feel her.

For Juliana, Irene and Jane.

March 2004

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This is a real eye opener, it has a very well structured feel about it, you are really doing well here me thinks! ! ! Love Duncan X
PROFOUNDLY SOBERING & CONNECTING...LIKE THE VARIABLE RHYMING AND EASE-MOVING FLUX...GOOD WRITE, MON AMIE...I'M TRYIN' GILLIAN ! ........FRANK......OH, YES...A (10) FOR ''WE DO NOT FEEL HER ''............... ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''~F. J. R.~'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
dear gillian, very good understanding of the human soul.
I read this poem as a subtle description of Mother Earth, life, god and man - that is its what it speaks of to me.It is beautifully and uniquely written. Thank you. Egal Bohen
This poem is very vague, yet so precise at the same time. I've enjoyed your pieces so far and I'm looking forward to reading more. This one particularly caught my eye, although I haven't read them all yet.
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