We Do Not Know What God Really Is (1)

the makeup of exactly what He is,
the composition of God
where He exists outside the scope,
the science,
the realm and time of man

as we do want to judge the structure
the being of God
which is beyond us and is unfathomable
in fully human terms

where after his coming to this rebelling
sinful realm as a mere human
(to be the saviour of the world)
He is fully God and fully man
and this is beyond the comprehension of most men,

that as a human he could be at one place
and as God with his omnipresence be everywhere
that as a human he can have limited power
but as God He is omnipotent

that as a human He could have limited knowledge
but as God he is omniscient,
where God does even know
our innermost thoughts,
have got comprehension
of our inner secret feelings,
of the way that we really are
which is hidden to other people.

God is seen as a myth where He does exist
and to us are in our terms He is a mystery
where we cannot comprehend that God
is timeless and do exist forever,
do for this reason not have an origin
or an eternal end

but then just a bit further on from all of this
people cannot comprehend that a Godly being
could only speak and that His comprehension of things
that did not exist could bring to reality
from nothing not only something
but complicated things that do on each other depend.

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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