We Do Our Best

It was early February on the Oregon Coast
No wind, no clouds, temperature in the
Low sixties. The ocean, about a half
A mile away, roared like a lion. Some
Of winter's blackness on the ebb.
Thoughts of spring and lightness.

My friend dropped by and burst into
Tears-relating about how his adopted
Grandson was taken by the courts
And given back to his mother.

My wife and I don't dabble with who
Is right or wrong-but since our daughter
Hung herself years ago, we know
Suffering and hurt. We know the compassion and
Kindness hurting people need.

We offer it up to our friend. Gently, with
Empathy, talk moves from understanding
To fishing to the weather to hope.
We are all old enough to know
Life offers suffering and healing.
We do the best we can with both.

by Ray Andrews

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You are so right Ray, a great statement. Very worthy of a read. Love Ernestine XXX