(14/1/1989 / Solihull, Birmingham)

We Don’t Need Big Brother

We don’t need Big Brother.
We don’t need to watch other people
For our own amusement.

We don’t need Big Brother
Following us all around.
We don’t need Big Brother
Watching us all the time.

1984 is 22 years gone,
And Big Brother lives on.
Wannabes and losers vying
For our attention,
Hoping for fame,
Which lasts for 15 minutes,
If their lucky.

What a world we have become,
When we rely on Big Brother
To feed us idiots to follow around.
We have become Big Brother,
Yet 1984 is 22 years gone.


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got bitterness with that show? lol..... well, for me, i like the idea of the show.. it is something different compared with the usual shows..but here in our country, i only watched the first edition... nice piece here =)